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Our Services


D.S. Institute of Para Medical Sciences and Hospital has evolved as one of the best medical institutes of Ghaziabad, Delhi NCR due to its extraordinary services.

Laboratory Services:- We have a large hospital based laboratory which caters to not only the in-patients, but also to a wide population of out-patients from Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR. The laboratory performs close to 1 lac tests per month.

Preventive Health Check-Ups:- It is a fact that almost every major ailment first manifests itself showing minor symptoms, which are often not noticed and hence, neglected. So we provide a proper preventive health check-up that helps in the assessment of health conditions and may provide the proverbial stitch in time.

Blood Bank Services:- We are committed to protecting the safety of both donors and potential recipients by providing quality blood and blood products from non-remunerated, healthy donors following a stringent screening process. We are dedicated to safe blood transfusion practice. Most of the blood for transfusion is collected from family members and friends as replacement donors. Volunteers also often donate blood especially at time of need for the rare blood group. We are equipped with the modern equipment that enables use of advanced techniques for processing, screening and storage of blood, thus providing the assurance of quality blood products for all patients. We fulfill the blood requirements of patients within the hospital as well as in various other hospitals and nursing homes in the city. 

Pharmacy Services:- We provide a wide range of pharmaceutical products, surgical disposables, lifesaving and general healthcare products as well as nutritional supplements. Our backup facility helps us serve our customers with critical medicines.

Radiodiagnosis Services:- Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences at D.S. Institute of Para Medical Sciences and Hospital consists of the latest equipment manned by qualified doctors and offers 24x7 elective and emergency services. Radiology & Imaging Sciences plays a crucial role in determining the accuracy of diagnosis and the subsequent planning of treatment. 

Emergency & Trauma Care:- Emergency & Trauma Care services is the specialty of our hospital that handles all life threatening medical & surgical emergencies round the clock. The Department of Emergency & Trauma Care is well equipped to handle mass casualties, head injuries, poly trauma, gun shots, medical, surgical, obs. & gynae emergencies, poisoning cases and cardiac emergencies.


(Home Collection Facility Available)


Digital X-Ray

Computerised E.C.G.



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